Tours - Top of Denmark


Nature's Secrets at the Top of Denmark (7 hours 30 minutes)

The Amazing Geology of this Special Part of the World (in season tour)


Driving through the very special North Jutland countryside, we arrive at Skagen, where we visit 'Kunsten' Art Gallery, home to the work of the Famous Skagen Painters' Colony. After a short drive to Grenen, we take the 'Sandworm' to the very top of Denmark. Here you can see and feel the raw power of nature in this part of the world.


Stand with your feet in the sea at the tip and witness a strange phenomenon; two seas colliding together. This is where the Skagerrak and the Kattegat meet. The lifting seabed, together with strong currents and constantly shifting winds, changes and extends the shape of Denmark by c. 8 m. (26 ft) annually.


Following lunch (not included), we drive to the sand filled church and our second example of the power of nature. Before leaving for home, we stop to walk on Denmark's Sahara Desert, Råberg Mile - yes, an amazing sight, enormous sand dunes moving 10-15 m. (35-50 ft) a year in a north-easterly direction. With a blue sky and the sun beating down, you could easily believe you were lost in the Sahara Desert.



Enjoy the delightful east coast of North Jutland as we drive to:

  • Skagen, a quaint, former fishing village of delightful yellow brick houses with red tiled roofs edged in white. First stop is the Art Gallery to view the works of the famous Skagen Painters, after we have some free time to look around this bustling holiday centre, with its pedestrian shopping street and harbour surrounded by cafes and filled with yachts from around the world.
  • Grenen at the very top of Denmark is where we take the 'Sandworm' to Denmark's most northerly point. We witness the raw power of nature as two seas collide, extending Denmark north eastwards by 8 m. (26ft) every year. Here you can also walk on the wonderfully fine, soft, sandy beach or roam through the dunes.
  • Next is the sand filled church, abandoned in 1795 when drifting sand filled it faster than it could be emptied. Finally, onto Denmark's Sahara Desert, Råbjerg Mile. With an area of 1 sq. km. and 40 m. (135 ft) high, it's the largest moving sand dune in Northern Europe and brings us to the end this fascinating day.



Transportation by modern comfortable, private hire car or minibus will be used between the sites to be visited. Walking from car parks to the sites is mainly on sand and gravel paths. Sadly, because much of the walking is on sand, this tour is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with walking difficulties.


Cost (maximum number of participants 10)

7.5 hour tour for up to 10 people - 3270 kr. (€439), plus 130 DDK (18 EUR) per person entrance fees and Sandworm fare only. Note... as transport and parking costs are dependent on group size, please call for a final quote.


For groups over 10, please call for a quote.

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