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Old Aalborg City Walking Tour (2 & 3 hours)

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A Stroll Through 1300 Years of Aalborg's Fascinating, Merchant History


Note... 3-hour tour includes visits inside the monastery and the friary.


Straddling the Limfjord at its narrowest, Aalborg, with its roots dating back to the year 692, became a very important Viking market and trading port. This commercial influence continued and is still evident in the city's make-up today, a modern, vibrant, shopping town with a restaurant and café culture to match.


This walking tour offers a unique insight into Aalborg's history from its beginnings through to today. It provides a glimpse of both sides of the social divide: from wealthy merchants to ragamuffins and witches; where the west of the city did not meet the east of the city.


Let your imagination wander as we stroll along streets and lanes that, if only they could, would tell such wonderful stories, as well as tales of brutality and abject poverty, which led to amazing acts of benevolence. Hear also about the incredible story of Denmark's first resistance group during the Nazi occupation; see its home right in the centre of the city. Yes, in Aalborg there's so much to see and hear. Welcome.



Strolling directly into the city centre taking in, amongst other sites:

  • 400-year old Jens Bang's House in the Dutch Renaissance style, built for the extremely wealthy merchant Jens Bang and today home to King Christian IV Guild.
  • Old Market Square dating from the early 1200s, home to the 18-century Baroque style town hall and the Christmas Market.
  • Early 12 century Budolfi Cathedral with its very ornate and colourful interior. Denmark's smallest and only white painted cathedral.
  • Monastery of the Holy Ghost from 1431. One of the oldest and best preserved, medieval structures in Denmark, with wonderful, early 16-century chalk frescoes on the ceilings.
  • Franciscan Friary, Aalborg's second Holy Order from the 1250s, lies 3 m. (10 ft) below ground level and accessed by elevator.
  • Former slum area of Hjelmerstald and its 300-year-old houses, a story in itself. Now an exclusive enclave.
  • The Church of Our Lady, on the site of Aalborg's first Holy Order from 1100s.
  • Aalborg Castle and the dungeons where witches were imprisoned.



Cathedral may be closed due to services, weddings, funerals, etc.



Gentle stroll on cobblestoned and paved surfaces throughout, at a pace set to suit you.

Generally accessible for wheelchair users or those with walking difficulties however, cobblestones are uneven. Access may also be restricted to some venues due to steps/stairs


Cost (maximum number of participants 10)

2 hour tour for up to 10 people - 1345 kr. (€185)

3 hour tour for up to 10 people - 2210 kr. (€297) - includes group entrance fees to both the Monastery and the Friary


For groups over 10, please call for a quote.