Tours - Hitler's 'Atlantic Wall'


Hitler's 'Atlantic Wall' Fortification Complex (5 hours)

A Complete WW2 Fortress Museum with Access to the Bunkers (in season tour)


Experience what it would have been like to be a serving soldier, as you walk amongst the 3.5 km. (2 miles) of original trenches connecting most of the bunkers on this compact, fortification complex.


With at least one example of the types of bunker used on the 'Atlantic Wall', 10 Battery at Hirtshals is a complete, well-preserved, WW2 German defence installation. 54 bunkers, gun emplacements and radar/searchlight installations have been fully excavated, some restored to their original state.


Bangsbo Fort was another part of the 'Atlantic Wall', the last line of defence to the Baltic between the mainland and the island of Læsø. It was also used to protect the port of Frederikshavn. Although now owned by the Danish Navy, most of the bunkers are open to the public. The bunkers on this site are spread much further apart. Four bunkers however, are of special interest having been fully restored: the command and interrogation bunkers, a two tier observation/plotting bunker and gun bunkers complete with their original 15 cm. (6") guns.



  • We start by driving to the north coast to what is probably Denmark's best example of the 'Atlantic Wall'. Via the original trenches, we have time to explore this warren of bunkers, some of which have been restored to their original condition and use. Here we will get a glimpse of daily life in and around them as well as learn about their construction and camouflage. For those with a head for heights, views from the top of the lighthouse provide a bird's eye view of the complex.
  • Next we drive to the east coast, to the heavily fortified stronghold known as Bangsbo Fort. The 80 plus bunker complex was constructed 84 m. (275 ft) high on the top of the steep cliffs overlooking Frederikshavn. Here we will have the opportunity to visit the command and interrogation bunkers, both restored to their former use. Also available are the observation/plotting bunker and the complete 15 cm. covered gun emplacements, from which, wonderful panoramic views over Frederikshavn and the Kattegat Sea are to be had. Sadly, all to soon it's time to return to base and 2017.



Transportation by modern comfortable, private hire car or minibus will be used between the sites to be visited. Walking from car parks to the sites is on grassed, gravel, cobblestoned or uneven surfaces. Access to bunkers can be via wet, slippy and uneven steps and surfaces, good, solid footwear and care is therefore essential. This tour is not suitable for wheelchair users or those with walking difficulties or those who suffer from claustrophobia.


Cost (maximum number of participants 10)

5 hour tour for up to 10 people - 2395 kr. (€326), plus 95 DDK (13 EUR) per person entrance fees only. Note... as transport and parking costs are dependent on group size, please call for a final quote.


For groups over 10, please call for a quote.

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