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A Viking Experience (5 hours)

A Day in the Life of a Viking (in season tour)


Aalborg, strategically placed at the Limfjord's narrowest point, gave the Vikings an easy crossing point and ready access to the North and Baltic Seas. This, together with plentiful foods from the rich agricultural land, led to the city becoming a very important Viking market and trading port, attracting traders from across the known world at that time.


Your tour starts with a drive to the Fyrkat Ring Fortress and replica longhouse. The fort, strategically built into the landscape, provided security for its civilian and military inhabitants. A 0.6 km drive now takes you to a reconstruction of an actual Viking farm community discovered at Vorbasse in Southern Denmark. Here you will gain a fascinating insight into the life and times of the Vikings.


Continuing north we come to Lindholm Høje, the largest Viking burial ground yet discovered. As you walk amongst the graves you will hear how shifting sands protected it for over 800 years. Finally, to complete our 'Day in the Life of a Viking', is a must visit to its extraordinary museum.



Go back in time and visit our Viking forebears. Aalborg was a very important Viking town and much of that part of history is still available for us to see and experience, for example:

  • Viking Farmstead: a replica of a Viking farm community that gives a fascinating insight into a Viking settlement and the daily life of its inhabitants. See or try your hand at being a Viking for a day with activities that include trying on Viking clothing, bread making, wool weaving, forging, archery etc, (not always available).
  • Fyrkat Fortress: only five Viking ring fortresses have so far been discovered. Here you can wander round to see how they were designed and go inside a reconstructed longhouse, based on the excavations at the site.
  • Lindholm Høje Viking Burial Ground. With more than 700 inhumation and cremation graves, we learn about Viking burial practises and end the tour with a visit to its extraordinary museum: a visual extravaganza of how Vikings lived, played, worked and died.

Yes, Viking history comes to life, myths are dispelled and answers to questions answered.



Transportation by modern comfortable, private hire car or minibus will be used between the sites to be visited. Walking from car parks to the sites is on grassed, gravel, cobblestoned or uneven surfaces. Museum exhibits are on two floors accessible via stairs (elevator available at Lindholm Høje Museum). Access for those with walking difficulties or wheelchair users may be restricted to some venues because of steps/stairs.


Cost (maximum number of participants 10)

5 hour tour for up to 10 people - 2395 kr. (€326), plus 150 DDK (20 EUR) per person entrance fees only. Note... as transport costs are dependent on group size, please call for a final quote.


For groups over 10, please call for a quote.

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