NJ - WW2 Bunker Museum

WW2 Bunker Museum

On the north coast of Denmark is probably the best example of a World War II 'Atlantic Wall' fortification in Denmark: The Bunker Museum, 10 Battery at Hirtshals. It is the only complete, excavated German defence-installation from World War II, in Denmark that is open to the public and free of charge. Its 3,5 km (2 miles) of trenches connect the 70 installations, which consist of: 54 excavated bunkers of all types, e.g. crew, ammunition, command, observation & plotting, radar and searchlight installations as well as gun emplacements, mortar and machine gun pods.

It is a perfect example of an 'Atlantic Wall' defence system to experience and learn about the different types of bunker, the logic behind their design and placement, their construction and camouflage. Here, on the wild, north coast you can also get a glimpse of, and contemplate on, the daily life of the soldiers who 'ran' through the trenches to man the various stations or simply relax in the crew bunkers. It is also the site of the only 2 machine gun bunkers with domed covers, along the whole length of the Atlantic Wall.

In the centre of the complex is Hirtshals Lighthouse, which was built in 1860. Since being decommissioned it has been made into a museum of lighthouse history. Visitors, for a small fee, can climb to the top via the staircase, 35 metres (115 ft) high, to get a wonderful, bird's eye view of the bunker complex and the local area.



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