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Voergaard Slot

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Dating back to 1481, it is one of the best-preserved Renaissance manor houses in Denmark. A manor guide will tell you about some of the colourful characters who owned and lived here, including:


  • the infamous Bishop Stygge Krumpen, the last Catholic Bishop of North Denmark, who had to flee for his life when a peasant army stormed the Castle during the Count’s Feud (Denmark’s civil war), in 1534.
  • the headstrong Ingeborg Skeel, who lived here from 1586-1608. How she received an undeserved, bad reputation from her contemporaries and the story of her architect. It is believed her spirit now haunts the Castle.
  • A 20 century Danish man who became a Count and left an extensive and unique collection of European art and furniture, including works by Goya, Rubens, Raphael and El Greco, as well as personal belongings of Napoleon I, Louis XIV, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.