NJ - Viking Expierience

Danish Viking Experience

Go back in time and visit our Viking forebears. Aalborg was a very important Viking market and trading town and much of that part of history is still available for us to see and experience, for example:


  • Fyrkat Ring Fortress – only five Viking ring fortresses have so far been discovered and Fyrkat is amongst one of the best examples. Generally understood to have been built by King Harald Blåtand (Harold Bluetooth) around the year 980, to suppress the local chieftains and bring Denmark together under his rule. Here you can see how they were designed and go inside a reconstructed longhouse.
  • Viking Centre - a replica of a Viking farm community offering a fascinating insight into Viking farming life. Here, if you are lucky and your visit coincides with re-enactments of Viking life via metalwork, woodwork, baking, weaving displays, etc, expect to be asked to join in, dress-up and become a Viking for a short time!
  • Hobro Museum – although small, the first floor of this museum displays a wonderful collection of artefacts discovered at Fyrkat.
  • Lindholm Høje – the largest Viking burial ground so far discovered. Walk amongst the more than 700 graves whilst hearing about Viking burial practises and why this wonderful monument survived to this day. Now visit the museum, it’s no ordinary museum. Two floors graphically and educationally introduce Viking life and culture. See how they lived, played, worked and died. Yes, Viking history comes to life, myths are dispelled and answers to many questions answered. All the exhibits in this museum were found at Lindholm or surrounding Viking settlements.


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