NJ - Shifting Sands

The Land of Shifting Sands and Disappearing Buildings

2017 © Michael Pierce. All Rights Reserved

The wild and rugged nature of the disappearing north west coast, where stormy winds, high tides and strong sea currents are gradually eroding the cliffs and ‘blowing’ the sands inland in a north easterly direction. This stretch of coast has been one of the biggest summer holiday centres for many years and over this time the famous Danish summerhouse has filled the area. Today, many of them are so close to the edge of the cliffs that it is only a question of time before they fall into the sea. Some, as well as Mårup Kirke (Mårup Church) have already gone, soon to be closely followed by Rubjerg Knude Fry (Rubjerg Lighthouse).


Lønstrup: a former fishing village, which still has a small fleet of fishing boats that pull up onto the beach. The village is protected from the elements by high coastal cliffs but, as part of the ‘wild west coast’, coastal erosion is very real. Following the loss of its fishing trade, the village diversified and welcomed artisans who have ‘taken’ over many of the properties as craft workshops and galleries. Just south is Rubjerg Knude Fyr (Rubjerg Lighthouse) where you can see the power of nature at its mightiest. The lighthouse was built 200 m. (650 ft) inland in 1900; today it is on the edge of the cliff and expected to fall into the sea within the next 5 to 10 years.


Løkken: a former fishing village with a 19 km (12 m.) long, very wide, white sand beach stretching all the way down through Blokhus, Grønhøj to Saltum. It is part of the very busy and popular northwest holiday coast with summerhouses dominating the landscape. The beaches here are very accessible and open to cars so, you can park on the beach, set up your beach kit and enjoy a day at the seaside. Just inland is Faarup Sommerland, North Jutland’s No. 1 amusement park; if you have children, love speed, excitement, fun and games, this is the place for you. Once you've paid to get in all the rides are free, there’s plenty of fun for all, big and small. As well as the usual rides there’s a huge water park where you can surf, try the water canon, outdoor water slides or simply swim.