NJ - Mariager Fjord

Mariager Fjord

The quaint and charming, little town of Mariager is situated on the banks of Denmark's longest, genuine fjord; the 43 km (23 miles), Mariager Fjord, considered to be Denmark’s most scenic fjord. At the quay is the Svanen paddle steamer, which, operates pleasure cruises on the fjord. The harbour also features a protected swing crane and Danmark Saltcenter Museum, where one can visit a salt mine and bathe in a salt lake nicknamed ‘The Dead Sea’. Mariager's landmark however, is the high, whitewashed monastery church on the hillside high above the city's roofs.


The town grew up around the Monastery of St. Bridget, a focal point for pilgrims seeking absolution for their sins and attracted tradesmen, merchants and wealthy nobles. Before that, it was a small fishing and ferry village. Today, its old, urban, environment of cobblestone streets and many timbered houses, attract tourists from near and far. In May 2015 it was named one of the 10 most beautiful towns in Denmark by culturetrip.com, and in December 2015, skyscanner.dk selected Mariager as one of Denmark's 12 unique, small towns with personality.


Apart for the Salt Museum, Mariager’s main attraction is 'Trekantruten', a triangular tour on 3 different forms of transport: a 70-minute sail through the scenic beauty of the fjord to Hobro, on the paddle steamer 'Svanen'. A 15-minute journey by local bus through delightful Danish countryside. And finally a 50-minute trip by veteran train through some of Denmark’s loveliest countryside, back to Mariager.



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