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Bangsbo Museum

Bangsbo Museum, 45 minutes drive north from Aalborg, is a surprising place, not what one would normally imagine as a museum. It has 5 separate but main attractions: a manor house, a museum, botanical gardens, a fort museum and a wild life park.


  • Manor house was established in the mid 1300s, with the present buildings dating from the 18th and 19th century built on foundations from 1580 and surrounded by a moat. The rooms focus on different themes, e.g. French Empire room, Victorian living room, Rustic room and a room with a special display of late 1800s ‘hair jewellery’.
  • Farm buildings house the Ellingaa Ship (a Viking style cargo ship), maritime museum, 2 World War Occupation and Resistance Museum and a fine collection of carriages from 1600s to 1900s.
  • The botanical gardens covers an area of 17,500 sq. m. (190,000 sq ft) and has been restored to its original British inspired park from the late 1800s. It is here where Herman Bang found peace and inspiration for his work. It was designed with many sections and offers the visitor a choice to wander freely.
  • Boolsens Stone Garden was established 1939 by the author Johannes Boolsen. Over his life he collected about 1000 hewn, exciting stones dating from 3000 BC up to the middle of 1900s. His collection represents used stones of all types from prehistoric times: millstones, baptismal fonts and vessel for holy water from the middle ages and millstones, mileposts and mooring bollards from modern times.
  • 2 World War German fort built to defend Frederikshavn harbour. A comprehensive defence structure of over 70 bunkers on top of the 71 m. (233 ft) high cliffs overlooking the Kattegat Sea. The command bunker is now a museum and some of the remaining bunkers are open to visitors.
  • Wild life park, 40 hectares (100 acres) of mixed coniferous and deciduous woodland, and meadows. An adventure trail with info-boards explains what is available. The park is home to fallow, red and sika deer, squirrels, etc, and a wide variety of bird life including the Greater Spotted Woodpecker.


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