NJ - Børglum Monastery

Børglum Monastery

Standing alone, on top of a hill, in the beautiful but wild, North Jutland countryside is a remarkable structure. Formerly, a Viking and early Medieval Period (800-1100 AD) royal residence, which, from the mid 1100s, became the Bishop’s Palace and centre of the Roman Catholic Church in Northern Jutland; the seat of Denmark’s last Roman Catholic Bishop, the infamous Stygge Krumpen. It was not an ordinary monastery, but the home of canons of the cathedral and novices training for the priesthood. Following the Reformation in 1536, the king confiscated the estate and over the following centuries, endowed it to various noble families. A few kilometres to the east is Vrejlev Nunnery the daughter nunnery to Børglum Monastery.


Now home to Chamberlain Hans Henning Rottbøll and his wife Anne. This magnificent, medieval, monastery and cathedral of the Norbertine or White Canons Order, still lit by candlelight, is where the canons and novices worked and prayed. Hear how the ‘nodding’ Madonna said “Thank you” for the ‘tithes’ given. Check out the memorial to the Chamberlain’s uncle and why the windmill is the only one in Denmark where the sails form a cross. In the museum gaze in awe on a full size replica of the Bayeux Tapestry, which took nine local embroiderers 15 years to complete. At 70 m. (230 ft) long and 0.5 m. (20 inches) high it proudly hangs on the four walls of the former stable loft, which also houses the bed where Hans Christian Anderson, a guest of the Monastery in 1859, slept and wrote some of his work.


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