A stroll - Something unusual

Aalborg's Unusual Side

There are many wonderful sights in the city, both ancient and modern, all within easy distance by foot or bus. Depending upon the time you have available and what your interests are,

I’m here to help and guide you. As a start here are a few ideas but, don't forget, checkout Visit Aalborg’s website (www.visit-aalborg.dk) for lots more possibilities.

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Something unusual


  • The Singing Trees (De Syngende Træer). Aalborg is home to the worlds only singing trees. Based in Kilderparken (Spring Park), are around 90 trees planted by visiting, internationally famous, singers, orchestras, comedians, all having left their print for us to enjoy. At the base of each tree is a post with a button, which, when pressed, plays a medley of that celebrity’s work.
  • Aalborg Tower (Aalborgtårnet) is a short walk away. An elevator whisks visitors 105 m (345 ft) above sea level to the bistro sitting on the top. A fantastic 360º panorama opens up the best views of Aalborg and North Jutland for you to savour whilst enjoying coffee and cake.
  • Mill Park (Mølleparken) a dense forested area on the edge of the city centre. The locals’ ‘everything-in-one’ park. No matter what the leisure activity, Mølleparken is the place. It is also home to Aalborg Zoo, with animal areas designed to match their natural environment; a children’s favourite and the perfect choice for a summer’s day.