A stroll - Museums

Aalborg's Museums

There are many wonderful sights in the city, both ancient and modern, all within easy distance by foot or bus. Depending upon the time you have available and what your interests are,

I’m here to help and guide you. As a start here are a few ideas but, don't forget, checkout Visit Aalborg’s website (www.visit-aalborg.dk) for lots more possibilities.

Museums, for example:


  • History Museum (Historiske Museum) tracing the history of Aalborg through more than 1000 years. Its most famous attraction is ‘The Aalborg Room’ (Aalborgstuen), 1602, the finest, preserved, Renaissance house interior in the country.
  • Defence and Garrison Museum (Forsvars- og Garnisonsmuseum). A fascinating insight into Aalborg’s occupation during the 2 World War. Housed in the former hanger of the German occupying force’s seaplane fleet.
  • Marine Museum (Søfarts- og Marinemuseum). Contains an extensive collection of maritime artefacts and interactive exhibits from the 1800s onwards, including a submarine and torpedo boat.
  • Franciscan Friary (Gråbrødrekloster). Take the elevator 3 m. down for a fascinating trip back to the mid 13-centuary. See monastery foundations and walls, skeletons in graves and many other artefacts from that era.
  • Lindholm Høje Museum, the largest Viking burial site so far discovered. Here you are able to walk amongst the more than 700 graves. Follow this with a visit to its wonderfully presented museum, offering a fantastic insight into both the pre-historic and Viking Age life of the city and surroundings.


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